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Joanna Natalija

Joanna's Baltic and UK ancestry are complimented by a love of the wilderness of Canada, having spent a lot of time there as a child. Growing up around a Latvian artistic Grandmother, and being bundled around theatres with parents that worked in them, Joanna's childhood memories are an eclectic and opulent mix of texture, colours, loud characters and a cultural mixture of Baltic artisan traditions, UK eccentricity and Canadian Big Nature, all of which inspire her work today.


Joanna studied Illustration at Falmouth University, and went on to a career in Photography and Styling after a further MA at London College of Fashion. She has always sought to tell stories in her work, whether though her photography or illustration.


Now settled in Cornwall, and inspired by the landscapes, colour and magic there. Joanna hand draws, then hand carves all of the designs in her studio in the wild west of Cornwall.


We are committed to sustainable and small-scale ethical production. Joanna hand sketches each design which is then transferred onto a lino tile to be carved by hand. Once the lino cuts are completed, they can be repeated again and again by hand.

 For wallpapers, the printed designs sent to a traditional wallpaper manufacturer in the UK to ensure a seamless repeat between prints.

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